Sunday 26th of June 2016 // 11am-2pm // 26. Juni 2016 // 11-14 Uhr // alpha nova-kulturwerkstatt // galerie futura, Am Flutgraben 3, 12435 Berlin    

AG Arbeit (AG labor) invites: Poster-Release & Strategic Breakfast for Cultural Workers

once again we like to invite cultural workers for exchange and networking. 

We will present the poster of AG Arbeit in Alpha Nova Galerie Futura as a summary of our previous work. The poster deals with exclusions and inequalities which characterize the art field. With this we thematize the precarious working conditions of cultural wokers in this City . We will use this breakfast until 2pm to work in small groups about emphazized sequences of the poster which we put up for discussion, exchange and networking. 

AG Arbeit (AG labor) is Tatjana Fell, Alice Münch, Inga Zimprich, Moira Zoitl and has formed in the frame of Haben und Brauchen (To Have and To Need) in February 2014. Our focus lies on artistic work, starting from our personal experiences which we politicize collectively. Our meetings are regularely once a month.

full 2-sided poster > download

more about  AG Arbeit 


OUT OF PLACE ongoing archive > SATURDAY 7 MAY 2016- 6pm>

In this archive a contribution of mine will be presented as well 

Out of Place_an ongoing archive is a project conceived by Associazione 22:37 that began in 2013. This new phase of the project is initiated together with the newly formed Berlin-based association Peninsula.  The purpose of Out of Place is to collect a range of materials, mainly quotations, publications and images, related to the concept of contemporary nomadism. The purpose of Out of Place is to create a temporary archive housing a broad overview of theoretical references and ideas about nomadism and its effects on the forms of contemporary art production. The core of our research is based on the idea that being ?out of place? is a condition that causes a subject to continuously re-locate himself or herself.

MORE: Online archive outofplacearchive.wordpress.com  

May 7 - 20  2016 // P67 Gallery, Pfalzburgerstraße 67, 10719 Berlin




REBOUND-SOUND-LAB for sonic enquiries 

Starting in June 2016 I will work on my new interdiciplinary field research project researching relations between architecture, body & sound/voice. Hereby the focuss will be on the influence of space on possible forms of voicing linking to social and political action.