3 min video loop_text_shelves_cprints_glas_panels_stencils_ fabric object filled with balloons

The photographs I took in 2003 on a trip to Las Vegas, show topical views of swimming pools within an artificially watered, actually arid place in the Desert Nevada. I was interested in the way they fell out of the structure of the landscape, through their color and form.
To no avail, they tried to fit into the street roster like puzzle pieces. To the static, dusty gray brown of the house rows, their vital blue associated itself. Order in a precarious state. Heat and cool ? dryness and water ? movement and immobility found their place in contrast to each other here.
David Hockney`s paintings came into my mind, with their deep blue, in the glowing light if California.
A lonely pool, a promise, cool, a counter - world of movement in the middle of the afternoon immobilized by the heat. The geometry of the big splash, created 1967, in mind, I began spinning connections to my photographs.
Postproduction, the production after the production - memory of that which was, of the image, but simultaneously mixing with the own and that which is alien ? what exists, what is real? The same? The similar? The "new" in combination?