Conceived as open project in progress, peace utopia or real space? presents existing art projects researching this question within their work and puts them up for discussion.

Comprised of contributions, information and links of artists, scholars and other interested parties, it is open to a broader public.
This project offers an individual info website, specially developed art exhibitions and existing artworks framing the theme, screenings, workshops, project presentations and talks, prioritizing room for verbal  exchanges.

Analyzing the term peace in relation to possible meanings, connotations and usages is one of the basic interests of this project. What might concepts of peace be, what its pre-conditions, when and where may peace be found?

Prior to the project realization and during a half year period we met in a core group of interestet artist and philosophers.

We approached the theme and its problematic by presenting theories and artworks in once-a-week meetings and exchanging viewpoints of peace theoretically as well as artistically.

Main Focus was not only to give different theoretical and artisic viewpoints on peace but also to open the faculty as well as the "white cube".  A lively exchange between artists, philosophers and all visitors on both places should be provided.

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