Anna Broermann - photography

Vernissage: 16. August 2011 7pm

17 August till 01 October 2011
Finissage: 21 February 7pm

Open: Thu 12am-5pm / Fr+Sa 3pm-7pm
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Location: CATALYST mobile  // Gethsemanestr. 4, Berlin/Prenzlauerberg


What happens with women when bringing new life to the world? What power comes up if they give birth to a child?  I am fascinated by this process.   What suffering, what pain, what struggle are they going through?  

I was allowed to accompany mothers with my camera during this process.   Hope, pain, wonder, despair, waiting, gasp, anxiety, fatigue, resistance,   dedication, overcoming and over again: unbelievable show of strength.   Each woman finds herself in their own rhythm by breathing in and out.   She enters into a state of trance, listens to her body,  focuses and brings   out new force again. Waiting, hoping, fighting, there is no choice,   no turning back, there is only one way she has to face.


Juan Manuel Magán - photography

Vernissage: 16 February 7pm

18 February till 05 March 2010
Finissage: 05 March 7pm

Open: Thu 12am-5pm / Fr+Sa 3pm-7pm
>>>>>>>>> and by appointment
(please contact 0162-7241931_

Juan Manuel Magáns photographic work explores and captures processes of transformation. How to read, perceive and validate our encounters with other individuals is often determined by our own projections as well as by oscillating impressions one constructs by slipping into different roles.

The exhibition shows two different approaches into this field.
PROJECTIONS explores how the image of a naked body can be altered, manipulated and exposed by a projection laid over it. Thus, a different reading to which we are accustomed is revealed.
The photo session DESIRE is a key for discovering the connection between sexual desire and other pleasures that arise from basic needs.

Juan Manuel Magán, born in Toledo, Spain, finished his Bachelor of Arts at Escuela de Artes de Toledo, in Toledo, 2004 and graduated 2009 in Fine Arts at UCLM, Cuenca, Spain. He lives and works in Berlin and Spain.

Mariana Morais - installation - painting - drawing

Vernissage: 23 January 7pm

24 January till 11 February
Thu 12am-5pm / Fr+Sa 3pm-7pm
>>>>>>>>> and by appointment (please contact 0152- 23905120)

"One goes to school, goes back home, travels, improvises. Sooner or later, goes to the doctor. One praises or condemns the world or aspects of it and has an intimate view on life. And that is all just fine. Hierarchies are temporal and various and, at the end, things tend to be mingled together. In my drawings, I also bring together in combination without loss of individual characteristics. I portray without particular subjects and make without sense. And then, I simply enjoy the gymnastics of deconstructive reading. So, I have found and work on my way to mingle."
Mariana Morais

Mariana Morais, born in Portugal in 1980, lived and studied painting in Porto and is now living and working in Berlin. Her works are made on various surfaces, such as cardboard and canvas. Characters and words are put together in the same way as colours and shapes to create illogical universes. This exhibition shows drawings and paintings made during her residency in culturia Berlin.

michael zeeh - photography

Often musicians and audience of "Small Stages" do know each other within their usual role in everyday life. During a single evening one side of this role reveals and steps out. For a short time all attention centers around an increased intensity - intensity of feelings, of gestures, of attention and the intensity of immersing into the music. Michael Zeeh accompanies his friends and aquaintances within this exeptional circumstances via his photography.

Michael Zeeh studied architecture at University Kassel. He workes in Berlin with focus on museum planning and design. The exhibition "Small Stages" is his debut as a photographer.

Opening 26 November | 7pm | live music by The Dolphins
Exhibition 26 November till 13 Dezember 2009


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Rajkamal Kahlon - video-installation-sound-perfomance

Did You Kiss the Dead Body?
is an experimental solo exhibition featuring nightly storefront projections and audio recordings of U.S. Military Autopsy Reports from Iraq and Afghanistan. Did You Kiss the Dead Body? is a reference to the last line of Harold Pinter's Poem "Death" and is the title of a new project by Rajkamal Kahlon which is comprised of ink anatomical drawings, sculpture, sound and video.

Kahlon interrogates the ideological positions of representation as they are linked to forms of racial and colonial authority. In a dialectical engagement with historical texts she critiques the will to "make" humans implicit in the visual practices backed by repressive regimes of power in part through the use of violent imagery framed by psychedelia and the human body turned
grotesque through its traumatic encounters with colonialism, military rule and torture.

Bishnupriya Ghosh
Kahlon received her MFA in Painting and Drawing from the California College of the Arts and her B.A. from the University of California, Davis. She is a past participant of the Whitney Independent Study Program, and the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture. Kahlon was a 2006 recipient of the Joan Mitchell Painting and Sculpture Award and a 2007 Lambent Fellowship in the Arts. Her work has been exhibited at museums and galleries internationally and reviewed in the New Yorker, The New York Times and Art Asia Pacific.
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opening  june 4th
| 7 pm
june 5th june 27th
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viviana alcalde - video-installation

memory is a function of the brain which is constantly flowing, organic and doesn′t behave like a machine. our memory can be affected in many ways, which can make us forget, can change memories around or may even invent completely new ones. sometimes we remember someone else′s memories - things that we dreamed or things we just made up.

memory networks is a project related to memory building. the structure of the sound installation matches the structure of the brain representing all the neurons capable of connecting and transmitting information.

this project questions the flatness of the photography image and its two-dimensional nature. by fragmenting and condensing the images in one single space, the artist, viviana alcade, mean to show the content represented on a flat picture in a three-dimensional space. this allows us to look at it from every perspective so the elements are perceived in an interactive way just as our brain would.

opening 7th may | 7 pm
exhibtion 7th may - 28th may

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LOST CONDITIONS beschreibt Situationen die dem Verlust, des Zusammenbruchs oder der bewusst herbeigeführten Dekonstruktion bestehender Ordnungsformationen folgen.
Befragt werden gängige Muster von Repräsentation und Rezeption uns umgebender, gesellschaftlich normierter Tatsachen, mit der Intention den Prozess der Transformation selbst als kreatives Potential für Umdeutungen und (neu-) Formierungen zu nutzen und dadurch die Bedingungen für das Entstehen von Bewertungssystemen zu beeinflussen.

Ausgehend von persönlichen, intimen Erfahrungen zeigen Maren Maiwalds Arbeiten am Subjekt orientierte Prozesse der Gespaltenheit von Eigen- und Fremdwahrnehmung.
Ein Moment der Aggression ist Bedingung für das Erzeugen vielschichtiger, relationaler Blickwinkel.   

Analytisch- konzeptionell vorgehend, untersucht Gabriele Künne mittels Ihrer Rauminstallation Codierungs- und Chiffrierungsprozesse denen Natur und Mensch innerhalb einer technisierten Gesellschaft unterworfen sind und transformiert diese in eine symbolische Ebene, die Mechanismen von Reduktion und Klassifizierung in Frage stellt.   

MAREN MAIWALD - photography-video-installation
opening   january 23th  - 7pm
exhibition january 24th  - febuary 14th

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GABRIELE KÜNNE - installation-paintings
opening   febuary 21th  - 7pm
exhibition febuary 22th  - march 14th

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