Installation_Sound Scape_Video_Performance_Edition
Collaborative Research Project: Tatjana Fell & Fernando Niño-Sanchez

Gallery Axel Obiger, Berlin 2013


Our starting point is not Bachelard, Lefebvre, Heidegger or Hölderlin, nor Hannah Arendt or Platon. We start with ourselves and each other, with an investigation of the obvious, the always existing and inescapable enclosure, the inside and outside of one's own existence, the persona, the artist.      We are not working as we usually do, from context to text, from the periphery towards the center, nor on interfaces of cultural, political, social fields together with its protagonists - towards the terra humanum  There is creation out of nothingness, deriving colour from white, from transparency temporality, from finitude of language order and from the interaction of the tonus of movement and resistance ? the noise creates the sound of surrender or hope and reflects what oneself touches and feels.     Conceived as work in progress, we decided within this installation for a process of negotiation, collaboration and a common expedition to places of limitation and perforation, retracing edges, cuts and overlaps to sense and look at ? in order to detect the value formed within ? beyond the accustomed negation of dividing, seceding, secluding. 

 Within his previous work my colleague Fernando Niño-Sanchez, Born in Colombia mainly thematizes impressions of cultural diversity and works on an aesthetic level about social acculturation processes and confrontations with visual realities. My work is reflecting and analyzing zones of transmission, hierarchical structures, systems of valuation as well as connotations and their effects and opens passages for interaction.   

Our custom built installation, which has been concieved specifically for Axel Obiger, operates via a network of relations and metaphors which will be revealed to visitors by active interaction