Tatjana Fell & Fernando NiƱo-Sanchez
performative video // Berlin 2013

The Poetry of Limits states a hommage as well as a quest - a tactile exploration of spatial experience synchronized with a momentum of reassurance.

Space is seen as a condition and relation, not as a location and ? as our bodies are thrown into motion - we continously construct it within a process of self-awareness and awareness of others. Positioning within space is positioning in beeing, a mutually dependency of body and space. Our hands are ours when they touch.
Where to will our touch reflect? How warm will be the space between resistance and amplitude?
Exploring limits is a journey, an exploration of our abilities to detect the outside, the other, the others.
Limits are ephemeral. Limits are grammar, structuring layers of individual textures and contexts. Limits are fine lines (perforated ones) seperating, and at the same time defining inside and outsides, me, you, us.
Limits are positioning and fixpoint to reach out to the universe.

Within these video we try to explore our responsibilities to set and respect limits and be creators of space itself.
We decided to use a not fully saturated color mode as a metaphor of a never-ending continuous process.
The milky blue and translucent filter as well states our perception of limits within their latent state, revealing and dissolving in a dynamic way.