Installation_Text Video_Participatory Elements
Exhibition: PEACE-UTOPIA OR REAL SPACE? arttransponder project room Berlin 2008

To take action relates to inner potential, abilities and sources of power and the necessary awareness and believe in their existence. To contribute action for common and societal purpose it needs to reveal limitations and contradictions, self made and given through society and culture.
The text video, is transmitting individual statements of circumstances we use as a justification for why we canĀ“t do something. The words on the pillows refer to our given abilities like culture, language, experience, emotion ...
By reflecting the sources of power individuals are capable of this installation creates a setting for dialog, discussion and negotiation, a place to rest and communicate.

Linked to the exhibition peace - utopia or real space? and its quest for conditions of peace
art can create and support, this installation was embedded in the exhibition space as an integral part, not only to look at it as an artwork but also for practical use by the artists, scientists and audience during the events.