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With its first Segment RAM frames practices of archiving.  During the three days of the event the archive of over 150 artists, collected by berlinerpool, will be on display and continuously in active use by visitors as well as members. Through research, open call and participatory actions berlinerpool functions as a Memory Management Unit. Focus is on researching the vitality of stored data by creating an open exchange of the file content. Data can be added, substracted and edited by berlinerpool members and is accessible to the public.

berlinerpools archive Archeío(n) (gr.) is not referring to the common sense as being a place for conservation or a chronotopos - a space/time relation questioning the where? and when?. berlinerpool sees itself as a media and tool.

Instead of using berlinerpool archive in a traditional way as arche ? a space for a specific collection in a certain hierarchical order, it can be perceived as an arch, a passage or pathway to various networks of contexts. It implements mobility, not only by its changing locations but also by a circulating content. berlinerpool works in a democratic way. Members are deciding about new members. The content of an archive file is temporary and not under control of the archive responsibles. It is based upon the artists` decisions. Its vital nature continuously has to be reviewed and renewed due to the quest of archive users.

In this framework  Segment I  additionally will give insight in projects presented by curator Eleonora Farina (I) and philosopher and writer Jonathan Gray (UK) from Open Knowledge Foundation www.okfn.org

Further investigations via performance art, video/film screening, improvised music sound scapes and a live stream lecture will focus on

MEMORY - memory - collecting/tracking/tracing/mapping
DATA- configuration/visualisation/decoding

Please see details about our 3-day program and more information about the artist under: http://www.ram-projects.net