relational rubati

site specific installation | single exhibition | performance  | 13 May till 24 May 2015

Pavillion im Milchhof, Schwedter Strasse 232, 10435 Berlin |


RELATIONAL RUBATI are evolving beside and in-between what is already there. They intensify in free interpretation which appears to us as echo, shadow or trace.  Slipping out of motion, fishing in asynchronity, non-idiomatic jumps among interlaced structures. RELATIONAL RUBATI transform apparently existing parameters with the awareness that only the process of deviation itself brings them into reality as long they refer to their fixed-point.How will these new perspectives change our awareness of a seeming reality?    

The installation RELATIONAL RUBATI links to the insular architecture of the Milchhof Pavillon and takes this as a starting point for my site specific artistic research. This investigation of various layers of reality and order systems, clashing on the enclosure of the housing, reflects the revelation of their impact on time/space dimensions, inside/outside situations and social contexts.  My work takes this cube of steel and glass and its standpoint inside a courtyard of a brick building within the recently fully gentrified area, clean new appartment housings in the middle of an historic street, as a mirror.

The term rubato originates in music and describes a phrase of flexible tempo with slight speeding up and slowing down and a rhythmic freedom of expression within a piece.  By using  objects, text, visual media as well as audio and performative elements. My observations will translate into a narrative texture of spatial relations alongside of this conception. The installation changes during the duration of the exhibition and can be visited on-site.