Room Installation_Text Screening
Exhibition: (single) apartment project, Istanbul 2008

Our lives are based on a diverse, multilayered system of structures. We adapt, generate or create them. We use structures as a general positioning system to reassure ourselves in our existence and as tools for measuring values.

But at the same time it is difficult to detect their grids. Unconsciously, we act on the surface of a matrix. People become aware of structures mainly through their negative impact. Order is changing continuously. That is a chance but also a responsibility.
This site specific installation consists out of several elements and is based on the fact that Istanbul is a seismic zone. I am taking this as a metaphor for impact, referring also to the current political situations. By using the specific language of a seismic protocol, caused by human impact as a piece of the exhibition, I try to create a dialogue between sender and receiver, between the visitor and his possible impact. My intervention plays with the visibility of phenomena and the visitors influence.