picture by Simon Gallus

Framing time
stored history | cycle of knowledge production

I interviewed the head manager of the historical library and the head manager of the library for lawcases and examination papers about their concepts of validating and storing time.
Excerpts from this interviews were stated in the video integrated in the final exhbition.

My installation constiting out of taped linies and text fragments was moving together with the electronic shelves as well as with carts and ladders the employees moved during work. Different time frames appeared.

Framing time
stored energy | life cycle | oeconomic cycle

I interviews the Head Manager of Konsum about his perception of time, consumer bound time strategies, storage and expiering dates.
Excerpts from this interview were stated in the video integrated in my final intallation.

Visitors moved around and through the "time frames" stopping, asking, being careful or just wondering.
A moment of awareness.

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