Artists: Eduard Constantin (RO)  l  Cristina David (RO) l Andreea Faciu (RO/DE) l Vincent Faciu (RO/DE) l Tatjana Fell (DE) l Bogdan Ghiu (RO) l Keith Kahn Harris (GB) l Dumitru Oboroc (MD) l Ondrej Svadlena (CZ) l Tim Wolff (RO/DE)

In this project I was working together with artist who mainly were involved directly in the political changes of 89, and because of that, felt a personal impact on their lives. At this time I was having a safe life as a West-German ?observer? who, after the wall came down,  had only experienced first hand changes of the society and politics through observation and news.
With this project I wanted to question my own political position and my relations to this incident. As well I was interested in raise and fall of systems of order and ideology and individual approaches to it.

As curator Vlad Morariu states about the project Beneath the remains:
..."Its purpose is to recuperate and concatenate upon a Zeitgeist of political mistrust, uneasiness and active disobedience which stems out from the popular culture milieus of the late 80?s and which still survives in the back of our consciences.?

During a research travel to Romania, the country most of the participating artists were rooted in, I was collecting photo material and impressions concerning the topic of the ?remains?.

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