flashlights SPACE
continues the series of mini-workshops started in 2011 where artists, curators, cultural workers, theoreticians, scientist ... will give an insight into their work field. flashlights 2012 will focus on the theme space and investigate different layers and perspectives of horizontal/veritcal, inner/outer, real/virtual, visual/acustic,  physical/mental, socialen/political space. The workshops are based on personal experience and individual concerns, mirroring current art practice, introduce into the matter, raise and answer questions, start discussions and give hand on examples.

share knowledge, abilities and information within a small group of participants and leave space for practical examples and one to one exchange.
teilen Wissen, Fähigkeiten und Informationen innerhalb kleiner Gruppen von Teilnehmer_innen und lassen Platz für eigenes Erfahren und individuellen Austausch. 

a project by Tatjana Fell & Andrzej Raszyk
a production of
arttransponder & berlinerpool www.berlinerpool.de
in cooperation with Stattbad Wedding ST

flashlights SPACE 2012 is further developed and organized by Tatjana Fell
with the friendly support of Andrzej Raszyk

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