|||  interdisciplinary exchange research & cooperation platform
      for contemporary art practice & critical discourse

RADICANT NETWORKS aims is to capture the complexity of art & cultural production generated by artists working multiprofessional and on an interdisciplinary level and which are frequently ore temporary on a cross-country move.

With a range of different formats RADICANT NETWORKS explores and researches the possibilities of generating and linking contextual scopes between the trajectories of a continuous shifting context. Radicant Networks reveals potentalities, the richness of multy layered perspectives and their value by irradiating similar or overlapping concerns, themes and visions within the art field.

RADICANT NETWORKS reflects but also quest mechanisms of art production within its social, cultural, political and theoretical contexts.  To share and produce knowledge about these issues and to open the collected data to a wide public is a main pillar of our work.

Starting with one to one encounters, dialogues and exchange the main core of RADICANT NETWORKS is to cooperate and connect with artists, theoreticians, scientists, cultural workers, interested individuals and initiatives which will influence and shape its profile, generate aims and build up the future of this network.

RADICANT comes from botanics and is in short a plant which does not need deep roots to grow. RADICANT NETWORKS was inspired by the book RADICANT by Nicolas Burriaud.

Radicant Networks current project formats are
|| CROSS TALKS ongoing series of lectures and project presentations 
|| PANOSCOPES  interviews with artists, curators, cultural workers, theoreticians etc. with online soundfiles
|| READING RADICANT series of theoretical text workshops (in process) 
||  RADICANT VOICES ongoing series of articles to related issues by diverse authors working in, with or about the art field

RADICANT NETWORKS is a project initiated in 2011 by the artist Tatjana Fell and acts as non profit initiative.

link to projekt page: www.radicant-networks.net